may 2017 – present 

may 2017 | Bill Aitchison  (The interview was first published on Something Other website)

june 2017 | Ireland Focus 1/3: Áine Phillips, Moran Been-noon, Noel Kelly

july 2017 | Ireland Focus 2/3: Suzanne Walsh, Katherine Nolan, Elvira Santamaría-Torres

august 2017 | Ireland Focus 3/3: Brian Patterson, Amanda Coogan, Dominic Thorpe, Níamh Murphy


february 2016 – february 2017

february 2016 | Lois Keidan. Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Live Art Development Agency, London. From 1992 to 1997 she was Director of Live Arts at the ICA, London.  Prior to that she was responsible for Performance Art at Arts Council of England, and previously worked at the Midland Group, Nottingham and Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh.

march 2016 | Tania El Khoury is an artist working between London and Beirut. She creates interactive installations and challenging performances in which the audience is an active collaborator. Tania’s solo work has toured internationally, and has been recognized with the Total Theatre Innovation Award and the Arches Brick Award. Tania is currently working on a practice-based PhD between the Departments of Drama and Geography at Royal Holloway College, University of London. Her research and publications focus on Live Art in the time of Syrian uprisings. She is the co-founder of Dictaphone Group, a research and performance collective aiming at reclaiming public space in Lebanon.

april 2016 | Núria Güell’s work analyzes how power affects subjectivity through submission, specifically by established legality and hegemonic morality. Núria’s resources for artistic intervention are based on flirting with established powers, complicity with different allies and the use of the privileges of the institutional art world as well as those granted socially for being a white woman, Spanish and European. Tactics that mingles with her own life develops in specific contexts, with the aim of cause a disruption in power relationships seeking a redistribution of enjoyment. She is graduated in Arts from the University of Barcelona (Spain), continued her studies in the Department of Behavioral Art in Havana (Cuba) under the direction of Tania Bruguera. Her work has been exhibited in biennials and museums of Europe, Latin America, Caribbean, Middle East and United States. She also collaborates with various self-managed social centers.

may 2016 | Helena Walsh is an Irish live artist who has been based in London since 2003. Helena has performed widely in galleries, museums, theatres and non-traditional art spaces, including public sites. In 2009 she received a Doctorate Award from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to undertake a practice-based PhD in the Department of Drama, Queen Mary University of London, which she completed in 2013. Over the course of her doctoral research, she used live art as a methodology to investigate the relations between gender, national identity and cultural history in an Irish context. Helena is currently devising a new site-responsive live art work that considers the activism of the women during the 1916 Rising, that will feature in ‘Future Histories’ at Kilmainham Gaol in 2016.

june 2016 | Almir Koldzic is a Co-Founder and Co-Director of Counterpoints Arts. He has worked for over 12 years on developing creative strategies for engaging with refugee and migrant experiences. His experiences include leading on the development of a national strategy and identity for Refugee Week UK; initiating the Simple Acts participatory programme; developing Platforma – national arts and refugees networking project; curating and producing events, exhibitions and commissions; and developing lasting partnerships with a big number of organisations across the country, ranging from mainstream cultural organisations and inter/national NGOs to smaller arts organisations and community groups. His passion is literature. He has studied English literature (BA), Anthropology (MA) and Creative Writing (MA).

july 2016 | Natasha Davis is a performance and visual artist with over 40 solo and collaborative projects in a range of media including live performance, installation, film and publication. Her work has been shown in the UK (National Theatre Studio, Tate Modern, Chelsea Theatre, Birmingham Rep, Rich Mix London, Barbican Plymouth, Playhouse Derry, Capstone Liverpool, Christie’s, Science Gallery and many others) and internationally in Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Serbia, USA, Australia, India, Canada and South Africa. Her performance Internal Terrains heads the British Library’s online digital performance collection and is used as its banner and twitter icon. Her work is featured in Traces, a public project about migrant artists significantly contributing to UK arts, also part of the Southbank Centre’s exhibition Adopting Britain, alongside luminaries such as Lucien Freud, Mona Hatoum and Frank Auerbach. Natasha’s artwork has been funded by Arts Council England, British Council, Tower Hamlets, Humanities Research Fund, Hosking Houses Trust, Transatlantic Fellowship and numerous commissions and residencies. She holds a doctorate from the University of Warwick and delivers lectures, talks and workshops across the world, from Buffalo to Tokyo to Grenoble to New Delhi.

august 2016 | Marilena Zaroulia is a Senior Lecturer in Drama and Theatre at the Department of Performing Arts, University of Winchester. Her research focuses on theatre, performance and the cultural politics of post-1989 Europe. She has published on contemporary British theatre, performance, affect and national identity, utopian performatives and the Eurovision Song Contest, and performance and migration. She co-convenes the Inside/Outside Europe Research Network and is the co-editor of Performances of Capitalism, Crises and Resistance (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015). She currently serves as the Secretary of Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA). Encountering Europe on British Stages: Performances, Policies and Affects since 1990 will be published by Methuen Drama Engage.

september 2016 | Sara Zaltash is a British-Iranian live performance artist enacting her evolving engagement with political, philosophical and spiritual realities through boldly populist shows, projects and acts. Time, scale, song, poetics and the divine preoccupy her as she draws on her experiences in contemporary performance, theatre and dance, singing and music, spiritual practice, legal, philosophical and academic enquiry, and Persian literature and culture to craft disarming encounters for stages, sites, moments and legends. Sara has performed extensively in the UK and Europe. “Zaltash is electrifying… See her if you can.” – Adrian Searle, The Guardian, 2015. 

october 2016 | Kai Syng Tan is an artist, visual director, sightseer and shape-shifter. Her works have toured 450 shows including dOCUMENTA, 8th ASEAN Para Games Ceremonies, Biennale of Sydney and transmediale at locations such as MOMA, ZKM, ICA and Dom Muzyki. Upon completing her PhD at the Slade School of Fine Art, she founded the RUN! RUN! RUN! International Body for Research to explore running as a critical and creative toolkit to engage with the self, others, the city, technology and non-logocentric modes of thinking. She has won the San Francisco International Film Festival Golden Gate Award and Japan Foundation artist-in-residency Award, while her works are collected by the Museum of London, Wellcome Images and Fukuoka Art Museum. Now a Research Fellow at Leeds College of Art, Kai is also Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and a Peer Reviewer of the Arts and Humanities Research Council. 

november 2016 | Federica Mazzara is Senior Lecturer in Intercultural Communication at the University of Westminster. Her research revolves around migration in relation to cultural expression, with a focus on visual art. She is currently writing a book for Peter Lang on Lampedusa and the aesthetics of subversion. She has previously published on the literature of migration and on the relationship between literature and painting. Her recent publication include: ‘Spaces of Visibility for the Migrants of Lampedusa’, in L. Baracco (ed.), ‘Re-imagining Europe’s Borderlands: The Social and Cultural Impact of Undocumented Migrants on Lampedusa’. Italian Studies. 70: 4 (2015) 449-464; ‘Performing a Postmigration Cinema in Italy. Corazones de Mujer by K. Kosoof’. Modern Italy, 18.1 (Jan. 2013), 41-53; “Subverting the Narratives of the Lampedusa Borderscape.” Special issue. Crossings. Journal of Migration and Culture 7:2 (2016 forthcoming). This is a Special issue edited by Federica.

december 2016 | Lisa Alexander’s artwork and research explores the subjectivity of witnessing and artistic practice as a lens on social change. She has presented in the UK and internationally. Recent projects explored processes of coming together, poetic agency and shared narrativity. She curated Love Letters to a (Post-)Europe at BIOS, Athens as an artistic response to the situation following the Greek referendum in 2015 and is planning a book that re-frames the event for page. She created/performed If/Then commissioned by European Theatre Research Network, Inside/Outside Europe Research Network and Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre and Multilogue; in collaboration with Hari Marini and the voices and words of many in the period prior to and following the EU referendum in the UK. Lisa holds a PhD from Roehampton (2014).

january 2017 | Michaela Crimmin is co-director of Culture+Conflict, a not-for-profit agency working to investigate and amplify the role and value of contemporary art produced in response to international conflict. Activities include research, discursive events, commissions, scholarships and a forthcoming artist’s residency at the conflict related archives at King’s College London. She is an independent curator; teaches on the Royal College of Art’s Curating Contemporary Art MA programme; and is an associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins School of Art. Previously Head of Arts at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), a role that included initiating and directing the RSA Arts & Ecology Centre; and the ‘Fourth Plinth’ commissioned artworks, Trafalgar Square, London.

february 2017 | Lucia Palmero. Resident of a border town, existentialist at heart, artist and activist. Deeply involved in the topic of migration from her origins to the point of actively participating in the tragedy of the migrants in Europe, Lucia investigates the concepts of border vs individual/collective identity through performances, flash mobs, paintings and videos cancelling out the boundaries of her field of research.

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